International STEAM Research Congress

The Eastern Visayas State University is already in its sixth year of orchestrating an international research congress on STEAM areas, i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Agri-Fisheries, and Mathematics. Aimed at gathering researchers, practitioners, professionals and graduate students for knowledge dissemination, this year’s 6th iSTEAM Plus or 6th iSTEAM+ extends its coverage and focus as a sustainable development knowledge platform to include other fields that have significant impacts in people’s lives, such as health care (nutrition and dietetics and related fields) and social sciences, humanities, and related fields. Providing avenues for scientific breakthroughs, building a stronger knowledge economy, and strengthening the regional innovation ecosystem define the 6th iSTEAM+. This year’s research congress is a leap from the conferences conducted by the university in the last five years as it underscores building professional networks that necessitate transposition of our research, innovation, and extension programs, projects, and activities attuned to the regional, national and global needs.

With the paradigm shift in higher education, there is a need to make innovations work for the communities we serve apart from our institutional deliverables and national contributions. To leverage our instrumentalities, we need enabling policies, informed human capital, networking assets, and the like, to propel productivity among collaborators and actors of the innovation ecosystem.

Germane to the development goals of the present University President, Dr. Dennis C. de Paz, and to create a positive collaborative culture among higher education institutions, the 6th iSTEAM+ with the theme “Leveraging a STEAM-Centered Smart Campus Toward Building a Globally-Linked Regional Innovation Ecosystem” is indeed an opportunity to navigate the arteries of development in priority areas.


  1. To gather researchers, professionals, practitioners, and graduate students for knowledge generation, dissemination, utilization, and adoption.
  2. To provide an avenue for discoveries and breakthroughs along the fields of STEAM.
  3. To beef up the research ecosystem of the university in collaboration with other agencies.

Conference Paper/Topics

The paper/s to be presented during the congress shall be aligned to any of the following streams: 

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Mathematics


  • Nutrition & Dietetics and other health-related fields
  • Social Sciences, Humanities and related fields